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Is Your Internet Connection Being Throttled?

Is my service being throttled? - Verizon Fios Community The service is terrible. My wife could not even use Netflix. So think about it, I am paying for Netflix and I am paying for lousy Internet service and can't use either. As I said in an earlier post, I am moving to Clear and the equipment should be here on Monday. I will post the results. In the past month, my DSL connection has gone down by 50%. Is your internet bandwidth throttled? - Surfshark How to find out if you’re being throttled. To find out if your ISP is throttling your internet, you may have to do a few tests. A simple internet speed test isn’t usually enough to show whether you’re being throttled. Remember, the ISP can be shaping only a specific segment of your traffic. Check your contract. Bypass ISP Throttling & Speed Limits In 2020 | Beencrypted Jun 30, 2020