VPN - A Gateway for Vulnerabilities

VPN Eligibility & Access Virtual Private Networking (VPN) allows users to connect securely to Yale resources from a remote location. Depending on your duties at Yale, use of the VPN may be required or encouraged. This procedure outlines who is eligible to access Yale VPN services and the procedure for requesting an exception for the ineligible. Use this information if you need to troubleshoot your connection to the Yale network when using VPN. Information. Following Windows updates, Cisco AnyConnect fails with error: "Failed to initialize connection subsystem" “Cisco opened a priority 1 case with Microsoft yesterday as soon as we found out about this issue. The ITS-Med VPN service allows clients that are connecting to the Yale University network from a non-Yale Internet Service Provider (ISP) to appear as if they are directly connected to the campus network. This allows for access to resources and services that are restricted to campus connected computers with the exception of resources Options for Setting Up VPN on a Home Computer or Laptop. 1) AnyConnect Web Based Access (simple setup that supports Yale web applications requiring VPN) Go to: https://access.yale.edu login with your NetID and Password. Click on the Web Application link on the left hand navigation then enter the URL of the Yale web site you want to connect to.

May 08, 2020 · Once the app is downloaded, enter “access.yale.edu” in the Server Address field. Other computers: Start your session at access.yale.edu Run the VPN update so that you have the most recent VPN version. This should fix any issues. If you are still having problems with VPN or your Net ID, please contact ITS: ITS Help Desk. Phone: (203) 432-9000

May 08, 2020

Nov 24, 2014

Access to Medical Library Resources from Clinical Yale-New Haven Hospital's primary remote access solution for clinical and administrative patient data is through the Yale New Haven Health Citrix Access Gateway. Although you can access library resources through browsers on this service, it is generally easier, faster and more reliable to use the Medical Library proxy server or the Yale VPN for