Apr 22, 2020

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6 Ways Google Chrome Changed The Way We Web

In this way, Chrome has a much more stylish design. Apart from that, there were some changes in the results page of the Google search engine. For example, while the Title part of the results in the search results is shown first, after the 2020 version, the Title part is shown under the URL. My Google Chrome "Look" changed recently !!! - Google d) I see the google chrome icon in the taskbar (when an active window is open) is different (below image) than usual. Looking at all these, I got a doubt if malware is there - when checked in windows settings, I see that google chrome got installed three days back (last I installed google chrome 2 years back). How to Change the Google Chrome Homepage

Nov 16, 2019

How do You Force Google Chrome to Use HTTPS Instead of Aug 14, 2019